Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Right Cocktail Recipe When Mixing and Matching Patterns

I love it every time I mix different flavors in my drinks. It always gives the taste a bit of an edge that can make socializing interesting.  The same goes with my styling choices. I like trying out new styles that fit my personality like two peas in pod. More than that, I love mixing and matching different outfits to create something fresh and unique.

It's like concocting your own cocktail drink but only better because it tends to last a day without getting tipsy and all. Of course, when it comes to mixing stuff,  it's important to know some principles because not everything can be mixed perfectly. One drop of something could ruin the flavor. 
So to mix and match patterns without looking frumpy, here's a quick recipe you could try:

1. A mixture of colors. 

As tempting as it may sound, don't focus on the print. Instead, match the colors because if they do, the patterns will also complement each other. If you need more help in color matching, you'll find this article from Cosmo very helpful.

2. Add a drop of solid color or two.

When prints tend to look crowded or busy in an outfit, break them up with solid colors. For instance, wear a gold-plate belt to break your striped top from, say a pair of play-card skinny pants. Adding something solid to your printed ensemble can help calm things down a notch.

3. Pepper prints all over.

Spread your prints from top to bottom to make it less crowded. It's one of the simplest ways to rock when mixing and matching prints. 
And that's about it. Concocting an outfit with different patterns is a fun, stylish, and not to mention, unique way of putting together a chic and modern look. So don't be afraid with mixing and matching them. Just follow this recipe and you're good to.


  1. Great tips! I love the collage :)

  2. Nice tips! I had a hard time mixing patterns in an outfit and they help me this time. Keep them coming!

  3. Great tips, very helpful for someone who is afraid of patterns like me! xx

    Reflection of Sanity

  4. That cell phone case is so cute. I'd have gotten a more decorative one but I'm so clumsy I need an OtterBox!

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