Friday, November 14, 2014

Tarte flambée

A really big passion of mine, especially during fall and winter time, is cooking and baking! Just when the weather gets worse and worse I want to make it cosy inside my house and find some things to keep me distracted from the rain! 
Sometimes if you're not too hungry a light Tarte Flambée is the perfect food to eat. Additionally it's so quick and easy made!

I got the dough at the supermarket and then bought some bacon, onions and sour cream.
What you do is just put the sour cream on top of the dough, which is supposed to be rolled out in round pizza like forms. 
Then just add the bacon and onions on top of it and you're done!
If you have a pizza-oven it will be perfect for a Tarte Flambée! But don't worry every other oven will work out fine as well.

How do you keep yourself cosy during fall time!? :)

Kisses,  Nicki


  1. Hmmm this looks super delicious!

    x Karen

  2. This looks delicious!

  3. I always like to put parsley on my Flammkuchen!

  4. Oh my gosh I spent a year living in Strasbourg when I was at university and I used to eat this practically every day, but I've never seen it served in the UK so I haven't eaten it since. Never occured to me to make it myself, duh! Definitely will now I see how easy it is though. Thanks!

  5. looks amazing

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  6. It looks yummy! Too bad I don't have an oven :/


  7. Yummi Yummii :-) Coole Pics!! Ich liebe Flammkuchen! Du siehst toll aus!
    xx, nissi

  8. My goodness you are adorable! <3 Seriously so cute.
    Also, this looks so delicious. Great post.


    Miss Amelia Joy