Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hey! Hope y'all had a great week so far. 
When I thought about writing this post on my way to Uni I was so sure of what exactly I am going to write and how. But once I came home, it was all gone. 
I wanted to talk to you about my New Years resolutions about what I have planned and what I want to change but I actually don't have multiple things to sum up. 

I think sometimes people form their New Years Resolutions too big or jump too fast and too far in the beginning. Like they start doing sport that really exhausts them or going on a heavy diet in the first week and then after a month it is just too hard to continue because thats not truly who you are and then you fail.... 
I know for example that I can't do much cardio workout. Especially not during the semesters. I don't have much time and I come home late and if I then have to jump around until I am even more exhausted and sweating it actually drives me nuts. 
So I tried to be realistic this year and just start by doing 20 minute exercising every 2 days. I started to do more Yoga and Pilates as it is actually relaxing and that is exactly what I need when I come home even if it is more effective to do cardio. But yeah I know that I won't stick to it very long so yeah I am talking Baby Steps here :)
As well I always had this imagination of being tuffer and not so naive, worrying and forgiving. I wish I would be like that but well I realized I am not. I am week, I cry at disney movies and weddings or if someone gets mad at me. I certainly sometimes truly believe in dumb things and people and then I worry about them and can't fall asleep. I'd wish to change all that but it is just so hard to that. 

I think the most important thing is to stay true to who You are and find a surrounding that still likes you with all your flaws. Once you achieved to know who you should and should not put into your worries and emotions. It will all get easier. 
So this year I am going to try to like myself and start there. I will try to accept my flaws and failures and keep growing from there. Once you know what your flaws are you have to use them right, at the right moment, the right time and for the right people. Then you won't regret it afterwards. It is you that is like that and don't let it kill you. Let the people you worry about know and they will thank you and you will remember next time you worry about them. But be very careful don't use your flaws for the wrong people because it will make you sad. Of that I am sure!
So Folks: Stay true to who you are! And if you don't know it now, no worries.
I don't know who I am either but I think I am on a pretty good road to finally finding that out :)
Hope y'all have great New Year.

xx Nicki

Pullover: From a tiny little Shop in Oslo (no brand and don't remember the name :S)
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Emu


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!
    Love your sweater!


  2. Cool, cozy sweater and great boots! Happy New Year!
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  3. Cute sweater and beautiful hair!


  4. Love this outfit! It seems like ripped jeans look good with everything. Love your ear rings.

  5. cute winter look

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  6. Accepting flaws is always hard. Just remember you are probably harder on yourself than you need to be.

  7. Love the pretty fair isle prints and chic fringe design of the red sweater! Such a cute look!


  8. Absolutely LOVE that sweater! Great outfit!


  9. I love your hair and makeup! Good luck with your resolutions :)

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  10. You are gorgeous!
    Good luck with your resolutions; I agree that a big reason why many people fail at reaching their goals is because they are not being true to themselves.

  11. Great pics, good luck with achieving your resolutions!

    x Karen

  12. Great sweater, gorgeous pictures and good luck with the new years resolutions! I quited smoking for a start. :)

  13. Totally agree with you, you should always stay true to yourself. Great look and lovely photos. Thanks so much for your visit and comment. xoxoxo

  14. Adorable pics!
    Have a nice week end!
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  15. It´s so fun how folklore for me means a different thing (as i´m from a different country) jaajjajaja, and totally agree with you about the resolutions ;)

  16. It looks perfect!