Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Black is always a good Idea

Pullover: cubus

Hey y'all. Hope you had a good start into the week. I started my week back at university and with this the last month of my seventh semester started. So there are going to be a lot of exams coming up and I will try my best to keep you updated with new outfits. This part of uni is really the part I like the least and it is not because of the learning it is because I have to stay away from the blog and Instagram and look book a little more than usual and this really drives me crazy. You can't believe how much I started loving this thing and especially you guys that are so amazing followers.
These last months you guys really were so generous and amazing with your comments and emails and personal messages. Every small note you write me makes me smile and when I see some of you guys commenting again and again I absolutely would love to hug you and thank you for believing in me as I sometimes don't even believe in myself.

Well okay enough of me whining around and to the outfit I am wearing:
I am wearing a whole look from a brand called elitefashion 99. When they asked me for a collaboration I was so super excited as I found some lovely things on their website and so I wanted to show you a whole look. You know me and that I really love to wear black and white quite often as it is just so classy and misterious.
The skirt is super comfortable and it has a great pattern so it is my absolute favourite.
The top is cute too and I will definetly show it to you again as a super cute part of it is hidden under my skirt ;). So make sure to check my blog again soon. I already have a great outfit in mind. 
Finally I will talk to you about the coat. I loved the different materials of leather and wool but I would bought it a size bigger then my normal size as I always want to wear an extra pullover under my coats.
So yeah, I needed to add this pullover from cubus to the outfit from elitefashion 99 as it would have been too cold outside with this crazy low temperatures lately.

Have a great week everyone,

Love, Nicki 


  1. Nice outfits ! I think that i have the same skirt or at least a very similar one ^_^


  2. You're so lucky that you got this awesome collaboration! I love the jacket, but I think my favorite is the printed sweater :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  3. Beautiful! Love that skirt


  4. I love your whole outfit <3 <3

  5. Your layering skills = perfect! Great photos.

  6. Very cool monochrome outfit!

  7. Love the boots! I used to have some just like them!

  8. I love every outfit. Black is definitely always a good idea. xx