Friday, September 5, 2014


This is going to be my post with the most pictures in it. Yet, I just couldn't cut it any further I already pulled out so many amazing photos!!
Today was amazingly horrible weather and we were really trying hard to get the most out of our pictures so I went a little crazy jumped around and just well allowed me to be a little more loose and myself then usual. And guess what?! I absolutely love it and I hope that you all like it too. I am very happy for so many good reviews the last few days and I am so happy to have you guys on board of my journey here on Morning Elegance.
Being a dental student sometimes os really exhausting. Don't get me wrong I do love it but there is just so much more to life then your job or future career.
I love the blogging world 'cause it lets us shout out and follow our own little fairytale dreams and also let one be creative in your own way. Here on my blog I can just do what ever the hell I feel like doing! There are no boundaries to be myself on here.
Hope you like it that there is a little more me in every post and video...
Talk to you soon,

Shoes & Bag


  1. Love so much this cool outfit :) Lovely photos!

  2. Absolutely amazing photos! Love the pop of red on your lips and the way it completes the whole look!

    The Fashion Cuisine

  3. What a cool outfit, love that it has a grungy feel to it.

    Reflection of Sanity | Giveaway

  4. I'm so obsessed with you style. It's grungy but still elegant and chic. Also your photography, is insanely beautiful.

    Nik x
    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

  5. Love this style, such a cool grungy outfit x

  6. looking flawlessyour hair are so pretty.

  7. Beautiful photos! Love your outfitt pretty lady!

  8. I love this and I am also in school to go to pharmacy school! I completely agree with you about blogging. I really like how its a place to get a little creative and be myself. Keep in touch!


  9. Cute outfit. Love those shoes.

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  10. Hey, honey! What do you think about follow each other via bloglovin? If you want, just follow me there and I'll follow you back!

  11. Nice clean outfit!
    Love the shoes!