Thursday, April 10, 2014

Girl from Paris!

Recently I found this great t-shirt and pullover brand called Girl From Paris! They are actually from Germany which made me even more curious about their designs. 
In Germany it is really hard for upcoming designers to get into the big fashion business so I am always very happy to support them.
Their t-shirts are 100% cotton and amazingly comfortable. 
I loved this print which is so YSL and it is super cute for all the Paris lovers out there as the Eiffel-Tower adds a great touch to it!

If you are interested in their stuff please make sure to check out their website and their Facebook.

T-Shirt: Girl From Paris
Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: H&M
Sunglasses: Asos


  1. Super schönes Outfit... finde alles absolut stimmig und besonders das Tee ist cool
    Aber weißt du was am besten ist!?
    Der Dackel <3 <3
    Ist das deiner?

    1. Ja :) das ist meiner! Vielen Dank, sie ist auch eine echt hübsche :D!

  2. amazing!
    love your sunnies

  3. I really love what you're wearing here, this t-shirt is amazing, I didn't know this brand before reading your article, but I'm going to have a look on it, thank you very much for talking about it!! :)
    Your sunglasses suit you very well!