Monday, August 25, 2014

Moving Monday

Morning Elegance in Wiesbaden

Hi everybody, I was giving my creative thoughts some time to come crawling around and so I came up with an exciting new project. In the last few weeks I found myself more and more on youtube and I love how close you feel to the people you are watching. If you are following their channel it is like they become your friends during all this time you spent together.
Sadly, I don't feel that way with Fashion bloggers I follow. There I just read everything they are writing look at the pictures and then do the same thing all over again. For me it is more like a magazine written by somebody so far away that I am never going to really meet.
So I thought that I am going to do a Youtube Chanel just to get a little bit closer to my readers.
I will always post videos on Monday's also to get a little flow to my blog as right now it is very easy to post regularly but when University starts again I will be all covered up with dental thoughts on my mind (that actually sounds really weird but I hope that you guys understand what I am saying).
In advance I want to excuse myself for the grammar or pronunciation mistakes I am certainly going to make :P.
I want to start this Monday with a series called "Morning Elegance in Wiesbaden" in which I want to show you some gorgeous places in my beautiful hometown Wiesbaden. Of course you can see the outfit I am wearing in an additionally post "Perfect Day" here on my blog ;).
Hope you guys are going to like it and that I won't be tooooooo embarrassing.


  1. I love the video and the whole approach of it. It has a more personal feel to it which many fashion videos lack, great job!

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. Oh girl! what a beautiful post
    now I just want to go there!

    hey, lets follow each other :)?
    i am already following you and I'll be waiting you in my site!

    Have a nice day!

  3. How cool! :)

    Interested in making new blog friends and getting a kickass journal? Check out my latest post! :)

  4. Wow, your hometown is beautiful, and you look gorgeous, I'd like to see more videos!